Aerial Yoga
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You may familiar or new to Yoga, how about Aerial Yoga?

Aerial Yoga is a combination of traditional yoga poses and Pilates to allows you to execute gravity defying posture. The method uses hammock suspended from ceiling. Aerial Yoga is just as beneficial as floor yoga with few unique differences.

1. Improves your balance

Going against the gravity helps you to improve on your balance and stability. It will fun at the same time trying to find the balance with your fee off from the floor! 

2.  Heal back pain

Aerial yoga decompresses your spine and lengthening it. Aerial Yoga put less stress on the back while doing poses.

3. Build Upper Body & Core Strength

You engage your upper body (shoulder, chest & back muscles) and core (abs, hip, lower back, obliques) in order to lifting up or lower down yourself . It also helps improve muscle balance.

4. Improves Flexibility

Aerial Yoga aids your stretching     to a new level when your body weight is off from the floor.

5. It's a Beginner friendly

With added support, students can play with the alignment while building the strength to execute the poses.