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Do your kids like to move? Let them wiggle with Kids Kickboxing! The class will not only help to make them stronger but also teaches them about coordination and awareness. Kickboxing helps kids in building self-confidence.

About the class


For starters, kids here will experience a much more gentle form of teaching, focusing on coordination to activate their muscle memory and motor skills. Your kids to build and enhance their body strength through a series of exercises they are taught.

As the lessons progress, your kids are slowly equipped with the knowledge from their coaches, becoming more aware of movements and applying kinetics. 


Training with each other, building each other's confidence as they grow together as a group. Classes begin with a warm-up session and stretching. Our instructors will usually combine teaching with educational and recreational exercises that will develop a fondness in the children.


 Boxing comes with the bonus of teaching self-defense and protection !! Repeating these moves will instill a kid's focus and train them in critical thinking. 



  1. Fitness training - strength development

  2. Coordination and motor control

  3. Skills and techniques - Punches, Kick


  1. Group communication and teamwork

Class is suitable for age 4 to 10 Come and check out the class, every Saturday at 10.10am!


Interested, please let us know!

Kids Kickboxing is suitable for age 5 to 12.

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