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About Us

Kinofit Yoga & Fitness is to bring you better health & fitness well-being. Located in the heart of Cyberjaya, Tamarind Square, we aim to provide the best exercise experience to you and your family. Come and experience our way of delivering our training 'playground'. We value a good atmosphere and ambience! and the rest; let our trainer take you from there!

What do we do..

Providing you with various exercises level for you!

Kinofit Yoga & Fitness offers a variety of program that meets your needs. Considering your fitness level, age, interest, health, physical attributes, or preferences, you may choose our light-moderate, low-impact to a high energetic calorie-burning workout. 


Better Mental Well-Being

While it's great being physically strong or healthy, we aim to deliver an exercise routine focusing on mental health. Exercise could benefit your mental health and well-being long in the long term. We highly regard building resilience and a positive mental state for all our members. This vital aspect allows us to elevate our focus better and control emotional responses. 


Group or Individual Training

Kinofit Yoga & Fitness provide workout in a group or private session. Choose the activity you like or the one that suits your fitness levels and abilities begin. A small step can build up your power gradually. Our vision is to incorporate exciting training encompassing exercise science and human kinetics. Check out Group & Private Fitness!


Program for Children

Children who exercise are more likely to maintain an active lifestyle. Encouraging your child to be physically active will help them stay active and healthy through adolescence and adulthood. Some benefits are they will develop healthy bones, muscles and joints. It also helps to improve Their coordination, strength and muscle control.

Kinofit offers kid's classes in Ballet & Dance, Martial Arts & Fitness! Encourage your child to sit less and move more! Check our Children's Program!

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