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1. Goal Setting and Knowing your Capabilities


With your private trainer, we identify and set a realistic goal and plan a strategy. And in the process, we can understand your concerns and put in into consideration.


Many of us may need to think of our capabilities, our trainers will evaluate and push you further, and of course, within the safe boundary. Developing willpower is essential when considering a change in their current fitness. Pushing yourself more each time could build tremendous progress! That's why having a private trainer watching you and tracking your progress is pertinent.


2. Safe and Effective Training


The benefit of strength and endurance training is immense; one can see the benefit of developing muscle balance, strength and building leaner gain or even fat burn. In advertently, an increase of growth hormone.


Lifting weights is so much more beneficial, and we can do it. Lifting should not be taken lightly; there is potential for injury, which is why compliance with proper form is vital. 


3. Increased Knowledge And Understanding


A personal trainer can explain the concept or purpose while demonstrating so you can learn to do it correctly. You can learn a lot about how your body works and how to execute the exercises; it is a lifelong lesson. Understanding the reasons to do a workout differs significantly from just being told what to do!


A private coach will help you improve on your weak areas and to help you reach your goals. A trainer can evaluate areas needing improvement by providing constant feedback.



With dietary guidance, your weight loss journey will become much more effective; 60 percent of the result is from the proper diet, while 40 percent from exercise and lifestyle.


Nutrition and Weight Management

We should be mindful of what we’re eating in order to maintain our health. For example, you may need to lower your sugar intake while eating wholegrain, vegetables, or beans; this will help you feel energized while exercising!


Weight loss program is aided by dietary guidance. To endorse fat loss or muscle gain. Check out some tips below.


  • Daily calorie intake and management strategies include eating low-calorie food and more filling food.

  • Selection strategies. Recommending clients choose whole grains over processed carbs or water over sweetened drinks.

  • Food timing strategies. What to eat before and after a workout and the importance of eating breakfast.

  • Healthy choices. Identifying nutritious food options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

  • Supplement suggestions/information. Understanding vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients may be beneficial.

  • Knowing sources of protein and meeting the required daily protein intake.



Nutrition advice for specific health issues requires a registered dietitian or medical practitioner. The same applies when offering guidance on eating disorders.


Weight Management Program

Improve body composition -

Reduce waistline, shape up and maintain good body fat level.


Health Specific Program

Exercise for post injury, health condition - hypertension, diabetic;

functional and conditioning routine & general well-being exercise.


Fitness Program

Improve your cardiovascular level, strength and endurance,

body conditioning, sports specific improvements.


General Well-being, Training for Muscles Balance, Strengthening,

Yoga for Weight Management, Pre / Post natal Yoga.

From Beginner to Seasoned Practitioner!


A private session with a teacher can begin with a fundamentals practice, step by step, through introducing the basic poses and breath work.


Going Further


Even for the seasoned practitioner, a personal coach can guide you on the specific condition you were looking for; the increase of strength or flexibility, muscles balance, or even trying to improve your overall Yoga routine.


Specific Goals

Perhaps someone recommended Yoga to help you stay healthy, but where to begin? Getting a private Yoga Coach can provide knowledgeable information about the effective Asanas you can start with and execute these movements with guidance.


A private coach can help you to deal with your specific health issue. For example, you may have scoliosis, and your doctor recommends Yoga. Your private coach can recommend the type of Asanas that is purposeful and most effective. The coach may surprise you with much need feedback that supplements the overall improvement.

Learning the Asanas & Fundamentals of Yoga


You can learn and understand more about the Philosophy and Anatomy of Yoga. A private coach will instill fundamentals of Asanas in depth, incorporating the types of breath works in Yoga, the names of the Asanas (or poses), how each function to your body & health, and its proper alignment and anatomy.


Sharing & Feedback


Upon completing your routine, you can check with your mentor how you feel and give feedback. You may ask questions! 

The teacher may recommend an exercise you can practice at your own comfortable time and space for further development.


Where can the private session be done?


Private yoga lessons can take place in our yoga studio @Kinofit, at home, or online. The timing of a private session is dependent on your schedule. To begin your Yoga Journey with us, we welcome any initial consultation. 



Gentle and designed for pregnancy, it's a great way to prepare for childbirth. This Yoga focuses on positions that are specifically designed for pregnant women's bodies in each trimester. Read more..


Private lessons will horn your skills faster while gradually improving your fitness. You can choose your favorite training like Boxing, Muay-Thai, Kickboxing or more..



Register a free consultation HERE and we will contact you for appointment.

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