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Yin & Yang Yoga, Monday 7.00 pm

Yin & Yang Yoga balances two styles of yoga,  Yin & Yang into one practice - bringing together the benefits of passively holding yoga poses adding dynamic sequences and standing postures.

Yin Yoga is a slower practice where poses are passively held for a longer period of time. It targets the deep, dense connective tissues such as ligaments and joints in the body rather than focusing on the superficial muscles. This helps to maintain joint health, mobility, and range of motion.

Yang Yoga refers to more active & vigorous practice. This works on the (Yang) muscles and blood flow, building strength, stamina, and flexibility. Yang styles of yoga are those with rhythm and repetition like Vinyasa Flow.

By combining the two styles of yoga, Yin/Yang yoga improves energy and fitness while promoting relaxation and healing.


Gentle Flow, Tuesday 9.00 am

Gentle Flow is beginner's yoga. Gentle Flow allows you to move your body gently, and comfortably.

Gentle Flow focuses on alignment and breathing techniques of the basic yoga poses allowing beginners time to learn and practice the basic principles. The teachers will share pose modifications so that everyone, at every fitness, can perform comfortably.


On your Gentle Flow day, the practice also helps strengthen and stretch the muscles and also allows your body to relax and rejuvenate.

Alternatively, Gentle Flow is a perfect balance for your current higher-intensity fitness routine. You may have your other training like cardio, weights, Boxing or Muay Thai, or other HIIT group classes to go along with this routine.

Gentle Yoga.png

Basic Yoga, Tuesday 7.00 pm

New to yoga and like to learn some basic moves, tips, and sequences?

Basic Yoga guides you to begin with a few simple poses such as a downward-facing dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana), forward fold ( Uttanasan), and child pose ( Balasana) to improve flexibility. The class will introduce some sequence and foundation that you‘ll most likely be working through.

For newbies, just do what you easily can and there is no competition. Meanwhile, listen to your body and do not push yourself. Be mindful of each pose and focus on the breath, right from the beginning.

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Breath & Mind, Tuesday 8.10 pm

Introducing our new class, Breath & Mind. In this class, we emphasize the Yogi breathing techniques. Through breathing, one may benefit from this session, such as inner development & self-realization, mental resilience & management of own health. We aim to bring a stable state of mind and calmness, essential when dealing with day-to-day challenges. And in the end, we can manifest our goals & attain positivity mindset through these exercises.

Breath and Mind.png

Yoga Alignment, Wednesday 7.00 pm

In Yoga Alignment, a practitioner maximizes their potential by performing a given pose, while minimizing the risk of injury. Yoga Alignment is a flexible structure that offers options for practitioners of all levels of practice.

How important is alignment?
Correct alignment enables the body to stretch and open while minimizing wear and tear on the joints and tissues. Our experienced trainer will guide you and modify the alignment of postures to suit your body’s capabilities.


These are some principles is Yoga Alignment.
1. Start by aligning the base of a posture before moving up through your body.
2. Stacking the joints to keep the body stable
3. Think of the neck as an extension of our spine
4. Focus on stabilizing the core throughout the entire practice to support your body, protect your spine, and strengthen your abdominal muscle.
5. Always use your breath when moving in and out of poses.

Yoga Alignment.png

Vinyasa Yoga, Thursday 9.00 am

Vinyasa Yoga helps build overall strength and flexibility.

There is much great benefit to practicing Vinyasa Yoga, practitioners would find they increase their endurance and it builds their muscles' strength while improving their fitness.

Vinyasa also embedded stability and balance, thus helping a practitioner reduce the fall risk. It is a cardio workout with fast-paced movements and the physical challenge of Vinyasa yoga makes it an ideal light-intensity cardiovascular workout. On the psychological part, Vinyasa helps lower stress and anxiety levels.

Our morning Vinyasa Yoga class is a gentle yoga session.

Vinyasa Yoga.png

Vinyasa Flow, Thursday 6.30 pm

Vinyasa Flow is the smooth way that the poses run together, one of the most popular contemporary styles of yoga.

Vinyasa Flow continued poses together to make a sequence. Each movement is synchronized to a breath. The breath is given primacy, acting as an anchor as you move from one pose to the next. It primary focus on transitions and movements, with less time spent in stationary poses.

Derived from Sanskrit, Vinyasa is “connection”. In term of yoga poses, it is a connection between movement and breath or flowing sequence.

Vinyasa Flow.png

Anti-Age Yoga, Friday 7.00 pm

Anti-Age yoga class combines poses (asanas) and breathing (pranayama). The practice is great in keeping the body energized and youthful. This practice will slow down the aging process and make your body look younger.

Anti-Age Yoga increases your immunity, gives you a toned body flushes out the toxins and improves the circulation of blood. Some of the basic inversion poses in the class help you defy gravity for better blood circulation. Poses such as Lion Pose (Simhasana) help to remove wrinkles and delay aging, neck stretching to eliminate age-related stiffness, and Hand to Foot (Hastpadasana) to energize our nervous system.

Pranayama is the practice of breath regulation. It will introduce different types of yoga breathing techniques and tips in the class. Mastering proper breath control helps us prolong well-being and is a powerful tool to counter aging. Deep breathing slows down the heart rate, relaxes our nervous system, increases oxygen levels, and restores vitality to our facial features, translating to rosier, more supple, and radiant skin.

Your regular practice basis to see the results!

Anti-Age Yoga.png

Prenatal Yoga, Private Session 

Gentle and designed for pregnancy, it's a great way to prepare for childbirth. The Yoga focuses on positions that are specifically designed for pregnant women's bodies in each trimester.


Benefits of prenatal Yoga:

Prenatal Yoga is an ideal low-impact fitness routine to start when you're expecting; it helps

  • Lower your blood pressure,

  • Cut your risk of preterm labor and other complications.

  • Stabilize your moods.

  • Improve your delivery experience.


Props such as bolsters, blocks, wedges, or folded blankets are used during the class to assist in attaining some poses.


What's in the class?

  • Introduction - Your yoga teacher will want to know your body condition, any discomfort, and what body parts or poses you'd like to work on before class gets started.

  • Short relaxation - begins with a quick period of awareness practice and focusing inward.

  • Warmup - slowly get your body moving so your muscles and joints to prepare for class.

  • Standing Vinyasa Flow -This will incorporate pelvic floor and abdominal toning movements, then hip and chest opening poses, all the while emphasizing deep, diaphragmatic breathing techniques.

  • Gentle stretches to lengthen and relax your muscles.

  • Savasana - After all your hard work, you will relax in "savasana," where you'll lie on your back with your eyes closed. It's a peaceful pose intended to bring about total relaxation. 


Meridian Yoga

A quiet and gentle yoga movement for people of all ages, body types and fitness levels. It is a Yoga method that uses simple and basic asanas (yoga postures) to stimulate Qi flow and remove Qi blockages of particular meridian groups in the body.

Meridian Yoga uses physical methods to ease the flow of energy through the subtle channels and release muscle tension, joint pain, headaches, digestive issues, anxiety, depression, and other discomforts. 

Meridian Yoga is also referred to as Therapy Yoga, which is a healing modality that can be applied to self and others. The system is based on the 8-limbed Yogic Principles and informed by the traditional Chinese Medicine meridian system of points and pathways.


Strength Yoga

Strength Yoga to make you stronger!

The impact of short-term strength training in women found that it not only helped build muscle - it also increased flexibility.


The benefit of strength is truly important, especially in females, increased physical strength can produce higher levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL), also good cholesterol’ in our body, increase our bone density as well as thinking skills!

If you like to challenge yourself with that shaky, muscles burn feeling, try the strength sequences and variations provided by our instructor. In the process of strength building, the strength yoga class will help you to start your basic pose, hold the pose for a few breaths, add more, repetition as you are ready.

Strength Training with Yoga also builds up your stronger mind too!

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