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Employee Fitness Program

KINOFIT Signature Program kick-start in early 2017, where we deliver Kickboxing Employee Wellness to Experian Employees that measurably improve employee health, well-being and performance, while building cultures that support overall health (read more).

Employee of Experian? If yes, you are currently part of Weekly Kickboxing Team at Kinofit. Fill up contact below for us to assist you!

About Workplace Wellness

Workplace wellness programs are essential to realizing a healthy culture. This important culture of is something that matters to both employees and employers, because a healthy employee are more content and industrious. Whilst the employees committing more than 40 hours a week on the job, the workplace should be a place that endorses healthiness, be it physically or mentally. Wellness programs can transcend a workplace, conveying an organization that cares for its employees.

The Benefit

Robust Community Bringing employees closer together. With group engagement, challenges, and “non-work” related objectives, it will blend stronger, communicative communities within a company.


Cost savings Health risk such as high blood, diabetes, depression and many others can lead to costly health claims. It is reported that employees with overall ‘well-being’ have a 62% lower cost of health compared to who are suffering from health issues.

Increased productivity Exercising and proper nutrition affect the brain positively, as a result, one may see improvement of being more energetic, better concentration and motivated. These benefits are valuable regardless what industry they are in.


Happiness Workplace wellness programs resulted more satisfied with their jobs. This is tied to the fact that wellness programs show employees that the company cares for them.