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Celebrating International Yoga Day at Kinofit Yoga & Fitness

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

International Yoga Day is celebrated worldwide every 21 June of each year since 2015. On this date, we celebrate Yoga's invaluable gift to our well-being and health and the embodiment of the unity of body and mind. Kinofit Yoga & Fitness did not miss the opportunity to commemorate the fantastic event this day by organizing a special class for our cherished members. We choose our theme class to be Partner Yoga.

Partner Yoga (also couple Yoga) is the practice of Asanas where partners practice and guide each other through the Yoga Poses. Training partners encourage and assist each other from the sides, back, and front to achieve a new level of the poses. Partner Yoga help intensifies their Yoga poses. It supports and deepens your stretch and enables participants to achieve a unique experience.

Partner Yoga - 21 June 2022 Kinofit Yoga & Fitness Program!

1. Warm Up - Joint and Muscles Loosening Practice 2. Practice: Part A – Partner Warm-Up Pose (8 asanas) Part B – Main Partner Poses

(i) Standing Pose (9 asanas) (ii) Sitting Pose (3 asanas)

(iii) Prone & Supine Pose (1 asana)

3. Cooldown -

(i) Yoga Nidra – Deep Relaxing

(ii) Pranayama – Yogic Breathing & Alternate Nostril Breathing (Nadi Sodhana) 4. End - Sharing experience

The Asanas (in Order)

The session started with a brief introduction sharing experiences and understanding of Partner Yoga and the technical element required. Through the 90 minutes, members advance from stages of the Asanas while learning, applying, and accomplishing the given Poses conscientiously. Poses (or Asanas) may not be the easiest, but with motivation and supportive engagement, nothing seems impossible! Check out the glimpses from our social media: Instagram: Facebook:

" Yoga is a Light, which once Lit, will Never Dim, the Better Your Practice, the Brighter the Flame". Happy Yoga Day 2022 from us. Namaskar.

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