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Can I do Aerial Yoga

Can I do Aerial Yoga?

There are many of us asking a similar question as a new beginner.

"I am overweight? Do you think the hammock afford to carry my weight?"

Yes, you can! The hammock could load up to 100kg of weight (limit 396lbs)

Tips: Aerial Yoga gives you the freedom to do a cardio workout and burns calories on top of muscle toning, connective tissue stretching and mental health benefits, and the best full-body workouts.

I am 45 years old; am I too old to start Aerial Yoga?

Never too old! Physical fitness can vary significantly at different ages, from a 50-year-old with minimal mobility to a 60-year-olds who is active!

Tips: Aerial Yoga poses are designed and always modified by the instructors for seniors or beginners.

Am I strong enough to hold up there?

Yes! Aerial Yoga helps build strength, stamina & balance. Core muscle engagement is required for most movements to stabilize to mobilize your body the entire time. There are a variety of actions, such as spreading the silk horizontally, climbing up the silk, and pulling the static body up from the floor, all of which can progress as we get stronger.

Tips: Aerial Yoga is open to all regardless matter your age, body size, health, or beliefs.

Are you ready to break the fear and learn not to fear being upside-down?

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